Sunday, October 17, 2010

Busy Weekend

Lots going on this weekend.

Friday was Friday Night Sew In. The only thing I worked on was a glass of wine.

Saturday was the Pacific International Quilt Festival. I shopped, I took pictures of quilts, I took more pictures of quilts then I shopped some more. My poor feet and back. I really did take a lot of quilt pictures, mostly to capture the quilting on them. So many beautiful quilts, there are some incredibly talented people out there and I'm go glad they shared their talent at the show.

I'll share more of the photo I took over this week but I thought I'd start with this quilt.

Beautiful feathered stars framed by a bazillion (I counted) little half square triangles

And the quilting! OMG! I thought this was a beautiful quilt with wonderful color placement to start with but it always amazes me how much more the quilting can add to a quilt. So much detail.

I drove to the bay area, spent five hours at the show, had dinner with Stephanie then drove home. It was a very long day. But so worth it. Then when I got home I found out I won four, yes I said FOUR, different giveaways! Wonderful things that I will share with you when I receive them.

Nancy came over to sew on Sunday. She made the binding for this quilt...

... another one of my patterns she borrowed. I love how this quilt turned out, so cheerful and inviting. She also worked on two other quilts (have I ever mentioned how prolific she is?). I got the Sudoku Solution quilt cut out and a little table mat cut out and put together. I'll show it after I get it quilted.

After such an eventful weekend I think I ready to go to work ... on another glass of wine.


Pat said...

WOW...that show quilt is amazing!!! You are right about the quilting being wonderful and SO many tiny triangles, too. Whew!!!

Mary said...

That is one beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what else you are going to show us.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing both post of photos of the quilts! So pretty!!

AnnieO said...

Great quilt show photos! How amazing that they had the back side of the quilt out. Very clever. Congrats on all the wins, yay!