Sunday, October 3, 2010


Meet Laci. Jayme found her wandering around the neighborhood this morning. She is not wearing a licence, but she is wearing a name tag with a telephone number. We've left two messages. It's been over 5 hours and nobody has called back to claim her.

She is older, very sweet, very well behaved. Looks like she is part golden retriever and part irish setter.
She really wants to come into the house but my cats are saying "No!" I'm not sure if they know what a dog is.

I really like working Sudoku puzzles. I was working a puzzle online earlier this week and started wondering...Hmmmm...

(blogger turned the photo)
Why couldn't I make a quilt from a Sudoku puzzle? I couldn't think of any reason not too.

This little quilt is the solution to the puzzle I showed above. The light gold is 1, the print is 4, the dark green is 8 and the dark purple is 3. I took me about 10 minutes to solve the puzzle and about 4 hours to make the solution. Wow, I think I actually have a name for one of my quilts - The Solution.


AnnieO said...

Sweet doggie--hope she's home by now.

Great little puzzler of a quilt. I cannot for the life of me say Sodoku, Sudoku, Soduko properly. I can solve the easy ones, but after that level, give me a crossword anyday!

Loris said...

Thank you for taking that sweet Laci in for the day. I hope her family come home soon. But the cats don't know what they are missing :-)
Cute quilt!

Pat said...

Cute quilt....hope Laci's people came home and claimed her.

Quilt Hollow said...

Is she home now? Poor old gal..wondered off I bet. got busy! Well done on the puzzle quilt!

SheilaC said...

Hope the pup has been reunited with his owners by now... sweet old guy :)