Monday, October 11, 2010

Pretty quiet around here.

I had company over the weekend (miss you Mom). Between company and getting ready for company I haven't had any time to sew.

(Blogger turned the photo again.)

A friend has asked me to make another Sudoku Solution wall hanging. It will be a gift for her sister who also likes to work Sudoku puzzles. She picked out the main fabric at the quilt store along with a few fat quarters. We shopped my stash for the rest. I love the main fabric she picked out. It is really tempting to go back to the store and buy ME some.

But I am going to resist.

No, I'm not invoking self control, I have ulterior motives. Next weekend is the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara. I'm saving my pennies (ha! more like dollars) for the show.


Loris said...

Looks like another beautiful quilt in the making :-)
I'm jealous...wish I was going to PQIF as well. Nancy favorite animal applique quilter...has a quilt showing there. I think it is of marine animals this year. Would love to see a photo if you happen by it.
Enjoy all those vendors. They usually have a full on quilt show going themselves! I hope you have a wonderful time :-)

Lisa said...

Did anyone ever claim Laci? What a beautiful girl. I have enjoyed visiting your site. I will be back. Lisa

AnnieO said...

Haven't you learned yet--resistance is futile! The fabrics are pretty darn gorgeous--you'll have fun playing with them.