Monday, July 14, 2014

Cabinets - Day One

The painters just left. The house stinks...maybe stink isn't the right word...maybe very strong obnoxious odor would be the right words.

Looks more like a construction zone.

Most of today was spent prepping for tomorrow. Cleaned, sanded, and holds drilled for the knobs / handles. I'm leaving them the same color, just putting on a new finish (low gloss varnish).

It is currently 102 outside...the air conditioning and all the fans have been on all day.

I finally got all the pieces to the spools done today. I'm avoiding the iron, so the actual spools probably won't get made soon (need 100 of them).  These are really really REALLY boring to make. Luckily I like the finished quilt which Temecula Quilt Company revealed today otherwise these spools were at serious risk of becoming a UFO.

I did some practice free motion quilting on my new Janome...I can't get the tension right so I think I'm going to set up my Bernina. Since I'll be banned to the sewing room again I'd like to get at least one of the wall hangings quilted tomorrow.


Loris said...

Don't you love professional painters? I do! They started on the little house today scraping back a couple of layers of oil paint that has been peeling off over latex for too long. I'm so glad it wasn't me doing it :-)
It's warmer here too and muggy. I would leave that iron off too!

Rose said...

How long till they are done? At least you are not the one doing it and you will be glad to have it finished.

That quilt is just too big will the blocks be when finished? Yours look sooo tiny!

straythreads said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog because otherwise I would not have found yours! good luck with the kitchen don't you love the way they paper the floor to contain the mess. And you are getting so much sewing done while they work!!love your little wall hangings.