Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Good, the Lucky, the Bad

The good: the air conditioner is working. The circuit breakers were mismarked. The contractor thought he had turned off the breaker to the oven when actually he turned off the air conditioner.

The lucky: nobody working around or with the electrical line for the oven was hurt.

The bad: My old oven was a combined oven and microwave oven, the new appliances are individual appliances which is going to take more space...drawer space. I did have two drawers under the oven, they had to remove one.  Boo hoo.

Some more drywall repair also occurred.

Just so you don't think it is all hammers, saws and spackle...

I finished my Market Day wall hanging. I really like how it turned out. I've got it and five other wall hangings pin basted. Now I need to decide on quilting designs.

I'm off to work tomorrow. No more contractors until Monday.


Needled Mom said...

The joys of construction!!! I hate loosing cupboard/frawer space. So glad the A/C is working.

Your wall quilt is so pretty.

Loris said...

Great news that no one was hurt. We had plumbers leave new fittings leaking, but yea! It was easy fix. 😊
I love your sweet Market Day! Great fabric!

Rose said...

Wow, glad no one was hurt with the electic mistake...and your wall hanging is looking good!