Friday, November 20, 2009


Thank you for all your comments about Fred...he is a big boy. He weights 22 lbs. I've tried to put him on a diet, but it is very difficult with two other cats around.

Fred just showed up in my back yard one summer. I was feeding my neighbor's cat and he started coming by to mooch. He was about 9 month old, not fixed and it looked like he had been in a number of cat fights - pretty beat up. I was gone three weekends in a row and each Monday he would be lounging in my back yard. I checked around the neighborhood and he didn't belong to anyone so I decided to take him in...but not before he got checked by the vet and was fixed. Turned out he wasn't getting in fights, he had a severe case of ear mites, he was scratching at his ears so hard that he had torn them up with his claws.

When he started putting on weight I had him checked by the vet again. I guess it is common for a cat that didn't know where or when his next meal was going to be to over eat.

He is the first one to kittie approve every quilt.

Fred doesn't really meow. If anything comes out at all it is more of a squeak.

He may be big, but I think he is a handsome boy.


Quilt Hollow said...

Lovely story....I love when the squeak!! Too adorable!! I'm such a kitty sucker! Wish I could own one of my own.

Sherrill said...

He IS beautiful, BIG and beautiful! HA And the squeaking is TOO sister has one that squeaks and that's exactly what it sounds like! But he's a sweet boy, too.

SheilaC said...

He is a big, beautiful boy!! I have a couple of cats that never meow either. One was feral when I adopted her, she chirps. The other is a squeaker too.

Kudos to you for taking him in!