Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Has lived up to it's name...I got hit by a nasty virus last night and finally got it cleared up late this morning. Luckily no real damage was done but it did give me a bit of a scare. Thank goodness for phones with headsets, it took over an hour for my turn with the tech support of my security software company. While waiting on hold my hands were free to work on a project.

This is the second or third large quilt I made, when I first started quilting I made 4 or 5 wall hangings before I got brave enough to make a lap size quilt. This quilt lives with my Mom.

Not my best choice of color contrast in the blocks.

My background fabric blends a little bit too much with the focal fabric.

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Pat said...

I think it's pretty, though. Not everyone likes high contrast, either. I'm glad your computer virus is cleared up for you.