Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank Full?

I'm still so full from yesterday, course it doesn't help that I've been eating left overs all day today.

Did you go Black Friday shopping? We did, but not at 5:00 a.m. this morning. About noon my Mom, Aunt and I went to a furniture consignment store, a patio discount outlet and the Goodwill...the Goodwill was having a Black Friday sale of 50% off everything except pink tagged items, of course the only thing I wanted had a pink tag. Not the normal stores to shop on Black Friday but we did find a few bargains.

We got home just before it started thundering and raining. We even got hail! I didn't think it was cold enough for it, but it sure came down hard. You should have seen Siddi, she thought the hail was great when it was coming down lightly. I could read her little mind..."oh must be some kind of bug, can I catch it?". Then it started coming down really hard and blowing against the window. She was gone faster than the hail was.

Here's a pic of Siddi enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

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Southpaw said...

I went shopping on Black Friday...hit Target @ 5:30am and was at the mall by 7:30am and got home (back to mom's) by 4pm.