Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quilt Journal

Do you keep a journal of your quilts? I've taken a picture of every quilt I've made, recently I've been working on a quilt journal. It consists of:

  • Quilt name
  • Pattern source
  • Size
  • Date made
  • Fabric info
  • Quilted by
  • Comments
  • Picture
In the comments I write about the quilt, why I did it, what problems I had, if there is a story behind it (like losing a finished quilt top for over a month then finding it in my closet where it belonged - with all the other unquilted tops), and who owns the quilt now.

I have included table runners/toppers, miniatures, even some of my UFOs are listed if they are partially sewn or waiting to be quilted. I haven't included my stitcheries that I made into wall hangings, not sure why.

According to my journal I've made 87 quilted items over the last 15 years. Wow! That seems like a lot, averages to 5+ a year. Except 14 of them were made and finished this year...21 if you count unquilted tops. Yikes!


myriam said...

I don't quilt but I am a knitter...and I have a note book, I have made a crosstitch with a sheep for the cover page.

Pat said...

I have taken photos of all of my items......still have to make a journal...might use a scrapbook to do that.

Quilt Hollow said...

My friend made me a journal of all the quilts I've ever made her in the past 20+ least two a year. It was fun to look through and see/remember....the older ones that I totally forgot about. A journal is a wonderful idea.