Saturday, April 10, 2010

Auburn Quilt Show

Nancy and I went to the Auburn Quilt Show today. There were some beautiful quilts, and some very unique quilts. One thing we both noticed at this show is it is not always the fabric that makes the quilt, design can be very important.

This quilt was so unique in the shading of colors to create the design. I wish I had taken a closer picture of the fabrics, they were actually very plain, looked like 1980's calico's.

If you click on the picture, she used the same color in the quilted feathers thread. Here's the whole quilt. As you can tell from the people in front of this quilt, it was very large.

This one I did get a close up of the fabrics. There wasn't a theme to the fabrics; two of them were novelty fabrics. They looked like the fabrics I've put in my "why did I buy these" bin.

But look at the larger quilt. The pattern of the fabric was nothing, the color and the quilt pattern really brought this quilt to life. There may be hope for that blue fabric of mine after all.

Nancy and I voted this quilt most ... ummm ... strange? funny? scary?

I'll have more pictures from the quilt show tomorrow.


Pat said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Thanks for showing the photos and I will look forward to more tomorrow.

Cindy said...

I'm catching up on blogs since I haven't been able to since the fifth with guests staying with us.

I "REALLY" had to look at the "strange" quilt and "THEN" I understood what it was---too funny. What quilters don't think of...LOL

Mary said...

Thanks for the quilt show pics. You are right. There is a "home" for all our "uglies".