Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quilt show part 2

There were some beautiful hand appliqued quilts and art quilts at the show but I tend to take pictures of the quilts I think I could make or there is something about the quilt I'd like to incorporate into a future quilt. Sometimes it is a variation of something I've already this one.

This is the same block I used for Ben's quilt, except where my quilt used 12 light and dark fabrics to make shaded diamonds this one uses just two fabrics and has a totally different look.

I have had the urge to make a miniature lately and I just loved this one.

Look how small some of those pieces are! The sampler blocks are one inch! I don't think I'll be doing anything that small.

I have seen this quilt before. If I ever decide to make a double wedding ring it will be this pattern, not the traditional version. I can handle this one, no curves.
I really liked the simple pattern on this quilt. The focal fabric is a large scale zebra print.
I thought this was a really interesting quilt. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you will see the cowboy pictures. I don't really care for cowboys but I love the design of this quilt.

Per the quilter the pattern is by Emma & Estella's Pattern Co. I have gone on line and can only find one pattern by this company and it wasn't this one. I can't find a web site for the pattern hoo, I'd really like to have this pattern.


sbmeeks said...

Found it! I think


Mary said...

I like that Double Wedding Ring also. Makes me want to play around with a variation of that on EQ6.

AnnieO said...

Very interesting quilts--I love a virtual quilt show! That wedding ring one is intriguing for sure. I've not done curved piecing but am pretty sure it would take lots of practice to make it look great. Thanks for sharing!