Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am turning into my Mother

My Mom will get a kick out this post...for the last few days I've been working in my front yard, one of the things that I have been doing is rearranging the rocks. Everybody teases my Mom because she is always rearranging the rocks in her yard, redirecting a walkway or edging a new planter area with rocks. Her backyard always look great, especially since she put up the deer fence and she can grow lots of flowering plants without worrying about anything eating them all.

My Mom also says she grows rocks, which is why she has so many. It's true, she just digs and there they I've imported most of my rocks, from Oregon (home grown in my Mom's yard), the Sierra Nevada mountains, Clear Lake and Rocklin (local town that also grows rocks). So far all I've done is move the rocks from the front yard and dumped them in the back yard. I do have a plan for them I'm just not ready to work in the back yard yet. Now that I've clear out the planter area in the front yard I'm ready to dig holes, I've bought a few new plants and tomorrow I'm going to Home Depot for a flat of marigolds and a couple of drip line supplies. I'm also going to ask them if they know of anything that will keep the neighborhood cats from pooping in my tan bark (my cats are strictly indoor cats so I know it's not them).

I've been doing some sewing, just nothing to show yet. I've also been going through my stash trying to organize it a bit. In the past I've always grouped my fabrics by color, floral, novelty, or holiday. With the exception of holiday, this time I am sorting my fabrics by yardage. Most of what I'm sorting through are just single cuts that I bought, they are not part of a group of fabrics just something I liked at the time and had to have. I can understand why I bought some of the fabrics, remember all the landscape quilts I was going to make, the fabrics look like rocks or water or sky or meadow flowers, but some of my fabrics ???

Like this one. Pretty, looks like a painting, but what was I thinking? Most of the fabrics I have like this are one yard cuts, not really enough to do anything with...maybe a table runner? Wall hanging? Oh well, I'm not going to deal with that now, I'm just sorting for now.


Quilt Hollow said...

Fun print...maybe a runner?

Mary said...

It's just a small part of something bigger. Maybe some day you will hear it speaking to you!