Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Interruption

I interrupted working on my UFO pile to work on a UFO project. Guess what? I interrupted the UFO project with a new project! I know big deal.

Jayme is visiting for a few days. She brought the fabric she bought in December with her. The original plan was to make a table runner but she is getting ready to move into a new place and decided something for the walls would be better. She only had 5 fat quarters to work with and she has never quilted before, so I dug out the Quiltmaker's 100 Block magazine I won and flagged some possibilities. She chose the Four Patch Star, not a block I had flagged - nice choice.

To show her how to use a rotary cutter, etc., I did the same thing with her that I did last month with Ariana, I am also making a wall hanging using the same block.

We have finished for the night. Jayme has one more border to put on and I have two. Same block but we have done very different borders. I'll show the finished wall hangings tomorrow.

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