Sunday, February 28, 2010

Four Patch Stars

Jayme and I finished our wall hangings this morning. Jayme picked a complex block and added a lot of borders to hers. Jayme's wall hanging is light and fresh with cheerful spring colors.

She did a great job.

Same block, but mine is dark with dramatic oriental prints. I added pieced accent borders.

I think I've said before what I like about quilting the most is how two people can take the same pattern and make it uniquely their own.

Shhhh....don't tell Jayme...I just realized when I was looking at the picture that the center four patch on my wall hanging is wrong, it is a quarter turn off, her's is right.

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MOM said...

Hi. You both did a fine job. Gave Nancy the sewing topper and the quilt tonight......they both absolutely loved it......and I didn't realize that the sewing topper and the quilt back were the thanks again big time. luv u lots