Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little out of hand here

My next two quilts are going to be stash / scrappy quilts. I've been going through all my fabrics pulling greens, purples and creams. I have a huge pile of greens and creams, not much purple but I think I have enough for the project I have in mind (I don't do purple). But before I started cutting I had a few odds and ends that needed finishing up:

- found a flannel in my stash (remember the sale from the Ashland shop - bought 7 yards of a pale yellow flannel that was in the clearance room) to make a back for the disappearing 9 patch, got that all ready to put together, set it on the sewing table.

- marked and pinned the fall churn and dash wall hanging for quilting, set it on the sewing table.

- marked and pinned the single churn and dash wall hanging for quilting, set it on the sewing table.

- pinned the little scrap table topper for quilting, set it on the sewing table.

- cut out the pieces and parts to make another sewing mat, set it on the sewing table.

I have an extra large gift bag from the Dollar Store that I dump all my scraps in. It fell over, guess it was a little to full. I decided I need to be more organized with my scraps so I again went to the Dollar Store and picked up a few clear shoe box sized storage boxes. I sorted through everything, had to iron most of it since it had been really stuffed in the bag, then cut some 5, 2.5 , 2 and 1.5 inch strips from the bigger pieces, cut some 2.5 inch squares from the smaller pieces, and started a "strings" bag for whatever was leftover.

- found lots of left over squares from the valentine table topper in the scrap bag, decided I could make a small quilt from the left overs - 9 patch squares would be cute, have enough for 25 blocks, had a Kona white in my stash that would set them off perfectly. Cut out everything and set it on the sewing table.

- found MORE pieces and parts from the fat quarter bundle, decided I had enough to make a kinda sorta chinese coin table runner. Cut out everything and set it on the sewing table.

- found the scraps from the Stonehenge Illusion quilt, hmmm I think there is enough here to make a braided table runner...

This is where I decided things were getting out of hand. Four days after I started pulling greens, creams and purples, none of them were cut and there were a lot of other items ready for sewing on my sewing table, but no sewing was getting done.

I made the above 30 x 13 table runner this evening using the last of the fat quarter bundle. I swear all that is left of that bundle is one little 1 x 4 inch strip.

Everything else sitting on the sewing table should be fast and easy to finish. Nothing else is getting cut until the table is clear. But I also need a break from quilting, tomorrow I think I'll go to the movies and maybe splurge on some ice cream.


Quilt Hollow said...

Do you think scraps mate? I do! Your runner is darling...great use of them leftovers. Do you need more purple? I can see what I have but no promises as it isn't a color I normally use.

Mary said...

You might need another sewing table to set things on!

MOM said...

Oh my, you have made me so tired I am going to are going to be veeerrrrrrrrrrrry busy....glad you are taking a break and going to the movies and hope you enjoyed the icecream....luv