Monday, May 24, 2010

Triple Darn

Darn, I took a very rare picture of all three cats together and I forgot to put in the memory disk. The picture is stored on the camera but I can't find the cord to link the camera to my laptop.

Saturday I made up more of the strips to make the long 2 patches and got them all cut out. I also cut out most of the smaller 2 patches. I still have a few more strips to cut up. I'm going to have fun turning all of these into 4 patches.

I'm still working on the skirt to match the top I posted last week. Twice I sewed the basting lines to gather the skirt and twice the threads broke. That was a double darn...okay that wasn't the word I used but I'm trying to keep this blog G rated. I'm going to try basting smaller lengths (and use a different thread) to see if that works. Otherwise I may have to hand baste and gather it. Wish I had a gathering foot, or a ruffling foot - my Mom's old Kenmore sewing machine had one (maybe both, I can't remember), sure wish it was still around.


Cindy said...

I liked when you wrote "G-rate".

I can just imagine your frustration at the basting threads breaking for a second time.

For some reason, I cannot see the picture you posted in this particular post but it could just be my computer this morning.

AnnieO said...

I can't see the picture either.

Here's my hint for basting: Stitch two rows of basting, one at 4/8" from the raw edge and one at 6/8" from the raw edge. Leave nice long tails. Pin evenly by matching seams, dots, etc and secure one end of the basting thread by winding the tails around a pin. Then HOLD the free tails of the basting thread steady and scoot the fabric along; do not pull the basting thread. Once you have the gathers all distributed nicely, you can sew your regular length stitch in between your two rows of basting. Taking the basting threads out afterwards is easy peasy because you have not stitched over them. Believe me, I have lots of basting experience... two daughters and lots of little clothes:)

Linda said...

Oh my mother had a gathering foot too. I tell myself that if I ever start sewing lots of ruffles I'll buy one - they are so neat. They take a lot of the work out of making ruffles. Found you on the In Stitches Blog this morning.

Maria said...

Just popped in from the bingo.
Enjoyed reading your blog and good luck with the wee blocks.

Thrilled to Pieces! said...

Hi, hopped over from Bingo to say hi. Wow, that is a lot of strips!

Susan said...

I dropped by from SPRING FEVER to give you an Aussie hello!!

I enjoyed looking through your blog.

I had say, what good is a "paycheck" without spending on such serious and needful necessaties like fabric and other quilting requirements!!!


Robyn said...

Hello, also popping in from Spring Bingo to say an Aussie 'gudday' :-)

GroverFamily said...

stopping by from the BINGO game:) im new to sewing good luck with your project!