Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not much sew'n going on

I was determined to sew something this week. Thursday night Bones is on TV, I watched it and sewed strips of green and cream fabrics together, until I sewed two green strips together. I finally started sewing on the quilts I cut out in March. Didn't get too much done, but at least I can call one a work in progress, they were starting to look like UFOs.

I found the cutest fabric for my grand niece's out fit. Love pink and green together.

The top will be the two pink and green prints, the skirt will be the large print and the pink polka dots. If you look at the pattern drawing the pedals on the skirt overlap around the skirt, but if you look at the store sample I posted last week the pedals are layered - like the top. I think I like the layered look better. I got it about half cut out tonight. I also cut out a tote bag. Lately it seems I'm starting lots of projects and not finishing anything.

Ma, have a Happy Mother's Day!
I wish I could be there

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mom said...

Hi, I was sure I left a comment on this, but don't see it.....I love the Mothers day heart....and also the top for cute.....can't wait to see the whole outfit......