Sunday, May 30, 2010


Karen and Nancy came over yesterday to sew. Lots of fun as always. While they were here I didn't get too much done...playing hostess instead of sewing, but I did get a small walling hanging of Karen's quilted. Oops, forgot to take a picture of it.

Nancy worked on her Raspberry Pop quilt.

Can't tell from the picture, but the colors are rich warm batiks. She was adding green sashing yesterday and as I'm typing this has probably already finished the quilt top. Nancy is a very productive and prolific quilter.

Karen is participating in a block of the month at a quilt shop near her. Her fabrics are bright batiks. Below are two of her blocks. The one with the borders finished too small so she decided to make a small wall hanging out of it. She added the borders at my house, and I gave her a mini stitch in the ditch quilt lesson.

I thought about offering to quilt it for her...but I don't think it would ever make it back to her house if I did... it would look really nice in my bedroom.

After they left, and after I moved everything back into my sewing room, I finally got a little productive.

A garland of four patches decorates my hall tree. This is the ultimate in chain piecing. There are 322 four patch units. For the two quilts I'm making, I need 260. Got any suggestions on how to use the extras?


Pat said...

Only suggestion I'd have is to have a giveaway and give the extras to one of your blog readers!!! LOL

Cindy said...

Oh my, looks like the beginnings of decorating a Christmas tree.