Monday, July 27, 2020

Star light, star bright... done with stars tonight.

I need to make 44 small (4.5 inch) stars. 40 with a print in the center and 4 with no print that will be the center in larger star blocks. I have them about a third made.

I also made these 8 star blocks. Do you see the star points?

There isn't a lot of contrast between my medium and dark fabrics. Hopefully once the corners are added the star points will show up more.

This little girl showed up in my backyard yesterday...

She didn't pay any attention to me, but I think she really wanted to get closer to Bella who was watching her like a hawk through the screen of the sliding door. She helped herself to the flowers on the hosta next to her and then went on her merry way.


Rose said...

Oh, yes, I seen the points...I love it and love those little stars! You have been busy!

Barb said...

Love your stars.
What a sweet doe

Loris said...

Your stars look beautiful! The colors are rather pretty and yes, the points show up well. Nice of you to share your flowers. The pretty doe looks like a sweet recipient. We have quite a population in the neighborhood currently. Several families with fawns and we walk by a large group of buck every afternoon...always having to count how many :-)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your stars are great. Well heck, you have great visitors! I suspect they are having a bit of a feast at your expense. We have a family of them higher up the mountain. They rarely come to our yard. Everything has to be fenced here.
xx, Carol