Saturday, December 5, 2009

Busy Day

It was a busy day today, first off I had to rub this belly. Fred is just too funny, if he wants attention and you don't give it to him, he rolls over on his back for a belly rub...he knows I can't resist. Could you? He knows if I lean down to rub his belly I'll also scratch his ears, which is what he really wants.

Nancy came over to sew. She is working on a quilt call Eye Candy by Love Quilt Patterns.

When she started making this quilt she raided my stash. The dark blue is mine, the pastel one next to it is mine, the bright pink and a strawberry print are mine.

The red is mine, the green plaid in the corner...

This is the center, Nancy still has to add the pieced border...since all those fabrics are mine, shouldn't this quilt be mine also?

Then the mail game. I won another giveaway. I won a cute backpack from Melisa at Sweet Home Quilt Co. during one of her Friday Favorites giveaways. As always my picture doesn't do this justice, very cute very roomy. Thank you Melisa!

I did lots of sewing also - on some things I can show you - but they're not quite finished yet. I'll finish them tomorrow and post a picture...they are sooooo CUTE!

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Quilt Hollow said...

Fun day for you...kitty, friendship and mail! Life is good!!