Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whew! Got it all done

I finished up all my Christmas sewing this evening. Above are the last two puppies, they did get a little easier to make once I got to the third one but they are still a pain in the patootie to make. I made the little girls skirts and the puppies from a fat quarter bundle, I have so much fabric left over that I think I will make a disappearing 9-patch quilt from it. Actually I have so much left over I could probably make two.

So after making my prototype I went into production and made 5 more, still have one to go but it is not a gift. I also made four of something else - these were really fast and easy, plus I got to practice more free motion quilting. Along with all that I made a big one of this, and this cute thing. Plus the three little girls skirts and three puppies. Not bad, started in late October and finished four days before Christmas. I've taken some pictures, so after the holiday I can show you what I've been working on.

My car is all packed up with gifts, and my suitcase is almost full. Tomorrow I will head out to my Mom's in Oregon. It's suppose to snow, but less than an inch so I'm not too worried. There is only one part of the trip that I don't like - driving down from the top of the summit to Ashland - it's probably not even 10 miles, but it is steep curvy and almost always in the shade, which means it has the potential for ice. Hopefully there will be enough big rigs on the road that it won't have time to form. Where's my Willie Nelson... On the road again...


Quilt Hollow said...

Have fun and enjoy your holidays!

Pat said...

You have been very busy and made some nice things. Have a very safe trip and a wonderful Christmas.