Monday, December 7, 2009


I live in sunny California - it's not suppose to snow here. Right? At least not where I live. Right? Last night we got an inch of snow here, here as in my front yard. The last time there was significant snow in the Sacramento area was in 1976. I remember it snowed the first year I lived here (1999) but it was just a few flakes that melted before they hit the ground. I went out at 7 a.m. to take pictures of the snow on my Aunt's car - sorry, no pictures, doesn't work if you forget to put the memory chip in the camera (picture me slapping my forehead). Oh did I mention it was COLD last night. Yes, I'm a wimp, there is a reason I live in (formally) sunny California.

Remember the fabric bundle I bought a few weeks ago? Saturday I made three of these...

My niece has a 4 year old daughter, she is dating a young man with daughter's who are 3 and 2 years old. I'm making them each a gathered skirt. I just love how they turned out. Each skirt took three fat quarters and they were so easy to make. I have a feeling they are going to be too big, so when I go up to Oregon this year for Christmas I'll bring my Featherweight with me to custom tailor each skirt. Cute, bright and sunny.


Pat said...

Cute skirts and I'm shocked at your snow!

Mary said...

I am in sunny California also. Hoping we get more rain tonight. Even rain is such a shock to the system! I can't imagine snow.