Thursday, December 10, 2009


Lately I've been spending most of my days in my sewing room - my computer is also in my sewing room - so I spend the mornings and a bit of the afternoons job hunting, and the late afternoon and evening are spent sewing and blogging. I try not to leave the house too much because every time I do it seems my wallet comes out. Since I am unemployed that is not a good thing. Today I had to get out of my sewing room and the house or go nuts. Since I still have some Christmas shopping to do I took my annual trip to the mall. The mall wasn't very busy. I knew pretty much what I wanted but I cruised through a few of the stores for a look see. Huh. When did I turn into a cheap fuddy duddy?

I went into one store thinking I was going to the mall rest room - really, one entrance was marked men's and the other women's - what would you think? I lost my hearing and eye site after entering the store. The music was I was going in someone even warned me about how LOUD it was, but what she didn't mention was I would need a flash light to see the merchandise, there was only indirect lighting shining on the walls and ceiling, otherwise you could barely see your hands in front of you much less the merchandise. I didn't spend much time in that shop.

From there I went into Tiffany's. I'm ashamed to admit I drooled all over their counters, I'm cheap but I have good tastes - Santa, I want one of each please.

Then I went into a big name department store. Designer names, designer prices. $45 for a plain long sleeve cotton t-shirt, no decoration or design of any sort - pretty color - but that was about it. Found another t-shirt I liked, cute design, $30, but the fabric was so thin (flimsy thin, not sheer thin) you could see through it and it wouldn't have taken much to put my finger through it - thought about it, but controlled the evil impulse.

Alas, I bought the things I came for - on sale of course - and came back to my sewing room.


Pat said...

GOOD self-discipline. I went with hubby shopping yesterday and we also confined ourselves to just what we had on our list...and did well. Good luck with your job search.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you too//of course, you are probably saving your money for the quilt shops on the way up.. are you playing Holly Jolly Blog Bingo??? good luck...