Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Told you so

I am a self described fabric addict. See, says so in the About Me section of this blog. I told you about going up to Eugene and stopping at quilt shops along the way, but I also stopped at Quiltz located in Ashland on my way home. The shop is in the process of moving to downtown Ashland and had all their fabric for 30% off. I was a bad girl

No, no, no, I did not buy two bolts of fabric, I did buy flannel backing fabric (which was in their clearance section and 50% off) and a whole bunch of Moda muslin. I asked for a couple of the cardboard bolt thingies, it makes it easier to store the fabric until I'm ready use it, especially the bulky flannel. I also picked up a Bali Pop and a coordinating batik (the green) to make up Raspberry Pops, a pattern I bought at the shop the last time I was there. The other fabrics I bought when I went up to Eugene. Don't ya love the wire basket, got that at the Goodwill.

So, are you thinking of making New Year's resolutions? I'm thinking I should not buy any more fabric or patterns.


Anonymous said...

As your friend, I say...Good luck not buying any fabric....I know better than that.

Southpaw said...

Sorry that sounded a little harsh...but I'm a good friend of Joy's and that is one resolution she's not going to be able to keep.