Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am making some progress but not enough. It is amazing how much time can be lost blogging! ...oh I like this blog... that looks like an interesting link... how cute! and a tutorial to go with it... Next thing I know it's hours later and nothing is done except I have 10 more blog sites bookmarked. Yikes!

Remember my prototype from last month? Well I've moved into production. Its interesting how much faster each project is. I can't do them in assembly line fashion because I am using color coordinating threads. I am taking advantage of the little bit of machine quilting on each project to try out new free motion quilt designs.

Hmmm, maybe my thread coordinates too well, the above is an ocean wave design.

This one is an elongated loop. At least you can see my chalk line...jeez.

One thing I have learned is needles are cheap, taking out quilting is not. If a needle is bent or dull it will skip stitches when you are free motion quilting - not one or two stitches but an inch or more, acts like it is stitching but it doesn't catch the bobbin thread to create the stitch loop. You many not even see it until you are done quilting. I am now starting each project with a new needle.

My aunt had cataract surgery today, while waiting for her I got some binding sewn a little progress was made today.

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