Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you machine quilt?

I finished machine quilting my valentine quilt - and got the binding sewn on.

Machine quilting is difficult for me, not because it is hard to do, more in that I don't have experience quilting a lot of different designs. Like the double heart below.

My meander / stipple quilting is pretty good, I've had lots of practice doing it. Stitch in the ditch, not too bad. But those can get boring and don't necessarily add to the quilt. I've been a little adventuresome lately - I've added leaves, flower balls, and now double hearts to the designs I feel comfortable doing. (below is the back of the valentine quilt...don't look at the horrible backing fabric...lots of different quilting here)

What I've found is that if I can draw it, I can quilt it. This is another new design I'm going to try quilting onto the border of the little churn and dash wall hanging I made a few weeks ago.

For me, the most difficult part of machine quilting is determining what to quilt where. I know I want to try the quarter flowers above in the me it looks a little like the fabric pattern. But what should I do in the actual block?
I can stitch in the ditch and maybe free motion stones in the background fabric, the would meet the needs of the batting and I've never quilted stones before...but it wouldn't be very interesting. I have a stencil that would fit the size of the block - that would give me practice marking a quilting top and following a drawn line. I'm kinda so so on that idea. Hmmm, I have a couple of sampler quilts stashed away that were machine quilted for me, I think I'll dig them out to see what was quilted in the them - tomorrow, it's too late tonight.

Maybe I'm not really a machine quilter, maybe I'm just a fickle quilter.


Pat said...

I am NOT good at machine quilting...wish I was, because I surely can't afford to pay to have them all done for me. I think your hearts look GREAT and if I could do half as well as you, I'd be thrilled!

Mary said...

You are way too hard on yourself. Your quilting looks wonderful. Quilters tell me all it takes is practice. I haven't followed their advise!

mom said...

Your valentine quilt turned out really cute and I think you are doing great with your machine the gal above said, don't be so hard on yourself. You have come a long way with all of your quilting......xo

Suzanne said...

Oh, I love your little valentine quilt. The colors, the design, the quilting -- all of it is so cute. Here's the ultimate compliment though... As I was looking at an enlarged photo of your valentine quilt, my husband walked in the room -- looked over my shoulder -- and said, "Wow. Nice quilt." Seriously, THAT'S a compliment! ;o)Thanks for signing up for my give away and giving me a little shout out. I appreciate it!