Thursday, January 28, 2010

Five years, Fifth folder, Fifth picture

Pat is being a little nosey. No, no, not nosey, inquisitive. Actually I think the weather is getting to her, I think it's getting to all of us in quilter blogland. Pat wants to know what is in our fifth picture folder from five years ago. Specifically the fifth picture. Sounded like fun, okay Pat here ya go...

Huh? Not a very interesting picture. But it was a very interesting place - the Irish National Stud in Kildare Ireland. This uncooperative horse had been isolated to a pasture in preparation for breeding (lucky guy).

The stud farm was beautiful. Lots of beautiful pastures, a Japanese garden, and Black Abby (my sixth picture, a bit more interesting than the fifth picture).

Good thing Pat didn't ask for the sixth folder six years ago...that could have been embarrassing. Yeah the weather is definitely getting to me also.


Pat said...

This might not have been interesting to some, BUT....we visited this place on our trip to Ireland in the summer of you triggered some wonderful trip memories for me. Thanks for playing along with the photo fun game. I have had a great response and think I will do this periodically.

mom said...

Ok that was interesting...however, I am playing sixth folder six years ago.........go.......the closest I have is May (only 04 I have) and it is at your house for Mothers Day.