Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

How did you celebrate the new year? I've gone on a cleaning binge...yup, I'm a real partying kinda gal. I vacuumed, I rearranged the furniture, I even (shocking) cleaned windows. Surprised they didn't arrest me for those wild antics. Did I suffer from a hangover this morning? Ha, the partying continued! I pulled the refrigerate out and vacuumed behind it, I cleaned and oiled all the kitchen cabinets. And to show you what a really wild and wicked woman I am (blush), I cleaned the stove! The shame of it all. I may repent by Sunday.

Wild Woman

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Anonymous said...

OMG...what kind of daughter did I, have you ever been on that kind of party jag before? I don't have to start worrying, do I?