Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obba's Girlfriend

Nancy came over to sew today. Nancy is Obba's girlfriend and she loves it. Obba is normally a timid cat, when ever anyone comes over he runs and hides, except if the someone is Nancy. He jumps right up on the table, lays on her fabric waiting for her to pet him.

If he gets too enamored (read obnoxious), all I have to do is lay a towel down, pat it and tell him to lay down over here - and he does.

Look at him, just shamelessly flirting with Nancy. Luckily Nancy's husband isn't the jealous type.


Pat said...

That is funny....because timid cats usually come out of hiding for nobody. I like that he will go lay on the towel, though, when you "redirect" him.

Mary said...

Ahhhhhhh, how cute. Great windows for sewing. Looks like lots of natural light!

Yuki said...

Look at that little face. Is he not adorable!! My kitties like to supervise when I sew. When my friends come over to sew, they are all over the place.

ttfn :)Yuki