Saturday, January 9, 2010

Too much fun

Don't you just love love love my new banner! I do. Karen made the mug for me. The "quilt" is my rail fence quilt that I submitted to Park City Girl Quilt Festival Fall 2009. Thank you Karen!

Only one of Karen's kids was able to come over. Karen is a self taught quilter but thought it would be better to have someone else give a beginning quilt class to her kids, something about them never listening to her, and not at her house, something about too many distractions... hmmm I don't understand why she thinks that because Ariana listened very carefully and other than giving Fred a few belly rubs was very attentive. After a quick side trip to one of my local quilt shops, Karen lives way over on the other side of town so we have different local quilt shops, we started with the sewing lesson.

We didn't have enough time to finish our wall hangings but we did get everything cut and all the sub-piecing done. We each laid out our wall hanging to see how they were going to look. I made a wall hanging as I was demonstrating everything.

Karen followed along also... she's still back in Christmas mode. This photo doesn't do her fabrics justice, it is really rich looking in person.

And here is Ari with her's. I think she is pretty pleased with how it looks. Watermelons, she's looking forward to warm weather. She did a really good job.

Karen is going to help Ari finish her wall hanging then we will get together at Karen's for a machine quilting lesson.


Pat said...

I love Ari's block......please show it to us when it's totally done, too. Gee...imagine who don't listen to their own mom but do listen to other people. Sounds VERY familiar to me (as a mom and as a retired teacher)!!! LOL

Quilt Hollow said... quilter just blooms!!

SheilaC said...

The blocks look great! Looks like we have a new quilter in our midst!

Sounds like a fun afternoon.


MOM said...

Wow, what a great job Ari did. I am sooooooo impressed...of course, she had a great teacher and she has probably learned a lot from her mom whether she admits it or not!! I will be looking forward to the finished hanging too.