Monday, January 18, 2010

First Finish of 2010

Today was a rainy, windy, dreary day. The way the wind was blowing, for a bit I thought part of my back fence might go down, between my lemon bush and the neighbor's shrubs as props it's still standing but I have a feeling it may have to be replaced soon. The local news is saying there are two more storms on their way and we will be having rain for the next two weeks...minimum. I'm thinking of investing in a sun lamp or a round trip ticket to Hawaii. At least if there was snow there would be something pretty to look at, something other than brown half dead soaked plants. Okay, gloomy Gus here needs a kick in the pants. On the positive side my daffodils are starting to shoot up.

I finished the Retro Chic quilt this evening...well almost, I still have the binding to hand sew on. Below is sample of the flower ball and leaves I quilted into the border.

Yikes! Curves! Actually this was a fairly easy quilt to make, it was harder to cut the fabric using templates than it was to sew the curves.

I started my blog in August with a UFO list, what is my current UFO status?

Finish piecing: Hot Pocket
Dark Xmas Ornament wall hanging
Disappearing Nine Patch
Blue Paisley
Ribbon Embroidery Mini Baltimore Album
Wool Flower Garden

Start Quilting: Strip quilt
Pink Roses quilt
Kats n' Kuilts quilt
Blue Butterflies
Flannel bricks

So, what should I work on next? Or should I start a new project?

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mom said...

Love your retro quilt. Sun in and out a dab here today, but barometer really fell so think heavy rain on the way. Sunshine trip sounds good......wanta go to Yuma with us?? or maybe Florida??