Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Today was a beautiful day! Warm and sunny, the perfect day to visit the local nursery. In the next few months the nursery may be more dangerous to my wallet than the local quilt store.
This is called Physocapus physocarpus or Ruby Spice. The picture does not do the colors justice, it is a rich reddish brown. The blooms are small light pink snowball like clusters. It will get to be about 4-5 ft tall, is drought tolerant and will take the full sun my back yard gets all day long. I also want to plant lots of marigolds again this year, but I'll get a flat of those someplace less expensive than the nursery. I am so ready for spring!

For this month's Friday Night Sew In I decided it was time to cut fabric for two (maybe three) new quilts. I've already cut out a bunch of 3.5 x 5.5 bricks from my scrap bag, now I'm working on Bonnie Hunter's Jared Takes a Wife (finally!). I have the purples, gold, and creams picked out and ironed. Next are the greens.
I'm going to cut out a second quilt from the creams and greens. So it may take tonight and tomorrow to finish cutting.

I finished quilting the third kid's quilt yesterday. One more to go, then lots of binding to add. I'm going to try to machine quilt both sides of the binding. That should be interesting since I've never done it before.


Quilt Hollow said...

This will be one gorgeous quilt!

Cindy said...

Even thought it says "Friday night sew in", cutting is still getting something done in my eyes.

Loris said...

That is a great quilt design from Bonnie. Your fabrics will look wonderful in it. Have fun!