Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm sad

My favorite local quilt shop, Cabin Fever in Auburn, is closing. Patti and Don are retiring. They tried to find a buyer for the shop but did not have any success. Patty and her staff have always been so friendly and helpful. Cabin Fever was even a featured shop in the Fall/Winter 2007 edition of Quilt Sampler. I wish them happiness in their new adventures. I will truly miss them and the shop.

Every thing in their store is currently 30% off, I happily contributed to their retirement fund this afternoon.

Jayme gave me tulips as a thank you gift before she left. It has been interesting watching them open each morning and close up in the evening. When they are open, they are a real pale pink color. When closed they are almost a light burgundy color. This morning they really opened up, so pretty.


Quilt Hollow said...

Never good to hear a quilt shop closing...but do wish them much happiness in their retirement! How fun for them to start living life to its fullest with no worries on a shop.
That was sweet to receive flowers.

Pat said...

I'm sorry your favorite shop is closing. It's a shame they couldn't find anyone to take over the business. Do you at least have another quilt shop within a reasonable distance from your home? I hope so. Good luck to those owners on their well-deserved retirement.