Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More odds and ends

I been putting binding on the kid's quilts, nothing very exciting about that. I hope to have them in the mail by Monday.

Since I had so many greens I decided to make a second green and cream quilt. The three quilts are now completely cut out (my poor shoulder). Between the three quilts I used 25 of the 42 green fabrics. I did have to dig into my stash again to find more cream/off white fabrics. I now have four quilts cut out and ready to start. I have four small table toppers left to quilt then I can begin to piece. Two of the quilts I cut out require 3.5 inch 4 patch blocks, 400 (yes, four hundred) 4 patch blocks. I also have 368 half square blocks to make, and 480 cheater corners to sew on...are your eyes crossed yet, mine are.

Between quilting and job hunting it feels like I haven't left the house in ages (the grocery store doesn't count). Yesterday I took the day off and went on a little road trip. I drove to Napa to check out a quilt store there I've been trying to get to for years. The shop is called Quiltmaker and it is located in the Napa Town Center. Great shop! Lots of bright fabrics, quilt samples and the owner was so very nice and helpful. FYI, she has used fusible batting. She did not recommend it for large quilts - too cumbersome to use - but did recommend it for small quilts or art quilts (which is what she makes). Her preference is basting spray. She did offer the tables in her classroom if I want to pin baste a quilt...I will definitely be going back there.

I had lunch, free Ben and Jerry's ice cream (Big Brothers/Sisters was serving free ice cream for "tips") - lemon sorbet yum, checked out a few antique shops then took the back way home.

It was such a pretty drive, two roads I've never been on before that took me by Lake Berryessa and Solano Lake (reservoir?). Everything was so green, and there were wild flowers in bloom everywhere. Since I ended up in Winters, I stopped at the Cloth Carousel, another quilt shop I don't get the opportunity to visit very often.

I did a little bit of budget damage at each quilt shop. Check it out! Self-threading needles! I have been looking for those for ages, and they came with a cute little tomato pin cushion magnet.


Quilt Hollow said...

You made me home sick.
I grew up in the Bay Area...hubby and I went to Lake Berryessa ALOT...just about every weekend.

Cindy said...

And you didn't even invite me...darn.

What a great day - next time, give me a holler.

Vanessa said...

You sound like me, when I was making the table toppers for my youngest daughters wedding! There was nothing fancy to them, just a bunch of 8" blocks sewn together,then sashed with a brown border, But counting how many blocks I needed of each fabric and how many it would take to make just one and I needed about sixteen! It was quite a chore! Vanessa