Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quilted - Jayme's 4 Patch Star

I quilted Jayme's 4 Patch Star yesterday and put the binding on it tonight - I'm going to let her do the hand sewing on the binding. Part of me wants to put more quilting into the star, but the other part of me has already packaged the wall hanging up for mailing.

I haven't figure out how I'm going quilt my 4 Patch Star yet so it is still pinned to the wall.

I added to my sewing pile this afternoon, this time in a good way not in a compulsive disorder way. I signed up for a Quilts for Kids kit and it arrived today. I also signed up to make a quilt for a local quilt donation group called Binky Patrol. I've decided to make two quilts for each group...all the same pattern, the one provided by Quilts for Kids. I cut everything out today and sewed the strips together for the 4 patch blocks. The quilts are small so they will be very quick and easy to finish. I have so many cat and turtle novelty fabrics that I can see myself making and donating a lot more of these quilts.

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Cindy said...

Goodness, I LOVE how you have quilted this sweet quilt. The rounds in the white are wonderful and really show off the quilting...perfect!!!