Thursday, October 8, 2009

Estate Sale

I did a little fabric shopping this afternoon - looking for a border fabric for a stitchery project I just finished (I'll show it tomorrow). While out I stopped at an estate sale. An elderly man is moving to Ohio to live with his daughter. She was clearing out the mobile home he and his wife had lived in for a very long time. One of the items I bought was a little sewing bench - I thought it might be fun to re-cover it. The bench was stuffed with stuff and the lady said I had to take everything that was in it also. When I got it home and started pulling everything out I couldn't believe what had been stuffed into that little bench: 19 patterns (including a men's pattern for a leisure suit), 2 pairs of pants, 1 long petticoat, one blouse, one cotton nightdress, 4 sheer curtain panels, a gold tasselled curtain tie, gold velour piping, 2 fat quarter sized brocade pieces that looked like they were cut off a curtain panel. 4 spools of polyester thread, 2 empty king size pillow casings, fabric and the dressmaker scissors from the movie Play Misty For Me.

I threw out most of the clothing related stuff. You can see some of the sewing related stuff below.

I think all of the patterns and fabric are from the '70s. Below are the three pieces of fabric that were not scraps, and the brocade curtain fabric (kinda pretty). There is about 2.5 yards of the white with bright florals, a yard of the pink stripe and about a yard of the lavender. They are all light weight fabrics, probably blends - I think they were meant to be made into blouses.

I have no use for the fabric. Do you want them? If so, you have to take all the fabric, even the scraps and curtain panels. Leave a comment - make sure there is an email address I can reach you at. If nobody wants them by Sunday, I'll give it to the Goodwill.

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