Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ho Hum

Nothing much going on today. I debated whether or not to post.

Got a little yard work done, my Aunt Roberta trimmed the jasmine and buried the mouse for me. The dead bird disappeared, maybe Moses decided to share his present with someone else. I dead headed the roses and a couple of other plants. One of the best things about living in California is the weather and how well everything grows around here. I should get one more bloom from my roses before I have to trim them down for the winter and the verbena, marigolds and lantanas are still blooming strong. I keep reading blogs about people decorating for fall, but it doesn't feel like fall yet - it was a beautiful sunny day.

I should have another finish by Tuesday, I have about six more strips to add to the light Christmas Ornament wall hanging then the binding. It is a quilt as you go type project - gotta love those. Tough question for the day, do I add a red binding or black and gold stripe? I really like stripes for binding. I miss read the instructions when I started this project, I thought it said cut four strips from each fabric, it actually said cut four strips from each FAT quarter fabric...Oops, mine were all WOF. So I'm making two wall hangings, one with a pale yellow gold background fabric and a second with a dark green back ground. I can't wait to show you all both of them.

So do I close with a quilt picture or a cat picture? I didn't take any pictures today, so it will have to be something old.
This is the Ugly Quilt, so named because I just grabbed four fabrics I didn't like from my stash to make the quilt. I didn't care if the fabrics went together or if there was any contrast, I made the quilt to practice my machine quilting. Here's the back so you can see what I quilted...not too bad for a beginner.

It is only 40 inches square and it is one of my most used quilts. It is perfect for putting over your feet while reading, or across your lap on a cool evening while sewing.

Oh, you wanted a cat picture not a quilt picture? Okay, I'll post a picture of my boys tomorrow.

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