Saturday, October 3, 2009


... are not always good. The kitty below is Moses, he belongs to my neighbor but since his back yard has two dogs in it he spends a lot of time in my backyard.

Don't ya love those cotton ball cheeks? He acts like a dog, when he sees you he'll stroll over (cats do not run to anyone), roll over on his back and let you rub his belly. Too cute. He also torments my cats to no end. My cats are strictly indoor cats, because he's outside and he knows they can't get at him, he will sit in front of the slider door and watch all three of them bang and hiss at the glass trying to get at him. For good measure every once in a while he will tap on the glass with his paw just to see how much more trouble he can stir up.

Moses spent the good part of the afternoon hunting butterflies in my garden. He couldn't catch a one. What did he catch? A mouse. And a bird. Both dead. Which he left for me.

No thank you Moses.

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Anonymous said...

Oh presents! Good kitty cat! I miss having Meowzer leaving me "presents" on the step. :-)