Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not what I wanted

I think my cats are adorable and sometimes they sit or pose so cute. But when I try to take their picture I never get what I wanted.

I wanted a picture of my boys sitting nicely together...not alien eyes.

Or this:

The paper bag is not trash on the floor, my cats love love love paper bags, there is almost always a cat sitting on or in the bag. Right after this was taken Fred moved over to lay on the bag.

I wanted a cute picture of Obba sitting on one of my quilts. Not quite right, no handsome face.

This also is not what I wanted:

I need to send my cats to obedience school so they will learn how to sit still and pay attention while I'm taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up here!!

QuiltSue said...

Teehee. Cats really know how to co-operate don't they?

Myriam said...