Thursday, October 1, 2009


The boo is not because it is October and Halloween is approaching, the boo is because I just finished a really good suspense novel - spoiler alert - the bad guy did it. I finished David Baldacci's Hour Game this evening. I really like his books, they are suspenseful without being all blood and guts. Although this one was a bit more bloody than most of his books. I highly recommend his Camel Club series. Did you hear that creak? I think I need to set the alarm system.

I started piecing a quilt tonight. It is not on my UFO list, but is on my 2009 list and it was already cut out. Nothing fancy - staggered bricks. The bricks are flannel scraps from various quilt backs I made in the past. I tend to make my backs way too big, so I have lots of bricks to sew together. I don't feel too bad about starting a new project since it was on my 2009 list and I did make an appointment at a local quilt shop to pin baste the Retro Chic quilt on Monday.

How do you decide what to design to quilt? The Retro Chic quilt (fun pattern by Artichoke Collections) has curves - I've never quilted anything with curves before. I was thinking of doing a free motion Bishop's Fan and something else, don't know what the else is yet. I've never done fans before so I will definitely have to practice it first.

No pictures of anything new today. Remember the Jacob's Ladder picture I posted a while back? This is the back. It is made from 28 different Fossil Fern colors - I couldn't make up my mind which color I liked best so I bought a yard of all the colors I liked.

The Jacob's Ladder is a BIG quilt, but I still had lots left over. So I used the leftover pieces and parts and made this quilt.

This is going on my bed tonight. It was cold last night.

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