Monday, September 28, 2009

Honey, I'm home.

I'm back. We (Jayme and I) had a safe fun trip, we did a little shopping, ate, did a little site seeing, ate, played lots of cards (since I was winning all the games I think everyone in Idaho was glad I left), ate, and then ate some more. My tummy still hurts.

The first stop we made was the Windy Moon in Reno. This shop has everything! Tons of fabric. All over the shop I kept seeing these cute little place mats.

This was one of my favorites...I even have some rooster fabric I could use for this.

They are made from a pineapple block like fusible foundation interfacing. I, of course, bought four. I also went to two shops in Meridian, Idaho and did my bit to help the economy. Jayme is a great travel companion...she doesn't quilt and was quite patient while I did all my quilt shopping.

I made this trip to give Rose the Blue Delft quilt, she LOVED it. I think she liked the back panel almost as much as the front.

I stayed at my Aunt Willie's house, my Aunt Lucille lives right across the street. Both had housefuls of people...did I get a picture of any of them? No. None of Rose and Don or Martha and Jack, all visiting from Virginia. Nor did I get any pictures of my Aunts, my Uncle Tom or my Mom and Ben. This is Bosley, my Aunt Willie was pet sitting for some friends. Isn't he cute? He followed either Jayme or I everywhere. I think I have three or four pictures of Bosley.

This is my Aunt Willie's back yard. It backs up to a golf course - it was so pleasant to go sit in her backyard, drink my morning coffee and watch the golfer's go by.

As nice as that was, I love sleeping in my own bed more. It is so nice to be home.

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