Saturday, September 19, 2009

Such a deal

Today I met Karen at Quilter's Corner - a quilt shop that is kinda sorta half way between her house and mine. She is a soccer mom, soccer mom and gymnastic mom (translates to 3 kids) so her schedule is hectic (understatement) - so when we get together it is always special. We originally met at work and just hit it off from the first minute we started talking. I am so happy we have continued being friends even though we are no longer co-workers. Have you ever had the situation where you worked with someone for years and years, knew everything about their life, family, etc., but once you stopped working with them you never saw them again? Luckily that hasn't happened with Karen, which is a good thing because I adore her.

We both did a little damage at the quilt shop. Below is what I bought: four yards of the green fabric for a quilt back, Moda Fig & Plum quilt kit with pattern, and the University Moda Prairie Paisley pattern. The fabric and kit were 50% off, and I had a completed store punch card that basically paid for the Prairie Paisley I said such a deal!

Still no sewing, Obba likes the spot in front of the sewing machine. Notice the hostile look in his eyes when I mentioned I wanted to sew.

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Anonymous said...

Obba isn't giving up the remote either! Too Funny!!! I love kitties and can easily see I'll visit often for not only quilting but your kitties!!