Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quilting with Friends... the best way to quilt. Nancy came over to quilt today and brought her beautiful batik quilt with her to show off. The picture doesn't do the colors of this quilt justice. It is made from a jelly roll of Bali Batiks and the cool blues and greens definitely look like a Bali beach vacation.

We spent the morning picking out patterns for some of her fabric groups. Nancy likes big bright bold florals and trying to find patterns that show off the big prints is a challenge but I think we founds some winners. Hopefully she will bring back the finished quilts and let me show them off to you.

The afternoon was spent sewing. Nancy worked on a Rails and Squares quilt. I recently made the same quilt pattern using a soft romantic pink rose fabric with a lavender frame and white background. Nancy liked the simplicity of the pattern. Her fabrics: Bold 60's floral, maroon with pink pokka dots for the frame and a sunshine yellow background. Wow! I think what I love most about quilting is how two people can take the same pattern and make very unique quilts. (Shhhhh....I like Nancy's better, don't tell her.)

I made wonderful progress quilting the blue delft quilt. The center is done. Now what should I do in the border?

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