Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Status Updates

Well, after four washes (with Shout Color Catcher) and a three hour soak in just Oxiclean, the majority of the blue is gone, not all but the majority. I can live with this...and feel good about giving it as a gift.

Here's the chair all done...I'm sure someday someone is going to look at it and say "why'd she cover it in that fabric?". Why? Because I had it and didn't have to buy it. Probably why my Grandmother covered it in grey vinyl.

I finished the Liberty wall hanging this evening. Yeah, another one off the list. Nobody can say I don't use every last bit of my fabric. I used this fabric to make a wall hanging (about 10 x 22 in).

The little Patriot Puppy I showed you last week.

And this was the original quilt I made about seven years ago.

And I still have more left. I tend to way over buy fabric.

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