Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kitties and Puppies

This is Siddi, if she had her way I would carry her all day. She is the sweetest thing, except she likes to chew the thread on my sewing machine.

My Mom had a little scrappy fabric dog that she bought at a garage sale. I've always thought it was the cutest thing. During one of my visits I was working on a watercolor quilt, since I had lots of left over 2.5 inch squares I made one of my own, about a third the size of hers.

The ears and tongue are felt glued on. I've always wanted to make another one.

The red, white and blue fabric are leftovers from leftovers. The original quilt was a four patch on point. Then I made a small wall hanging (Liberty, yet to be quilted). I was going to use the blocks to piece a back for the wall hanging but they were just calling out to me..."make a new puppy". The voices in my head are starting to scare me. I'll post a picture when it is done.

So much for not starting a new project.

FYI, I got the binding made for the butterfly quilt, finished the book, job hunted (even applied for two) and got bobbins wound for the blue delft quilt.

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