Sunday, September 13, 2009

This and that and upholstery

I spent most of the day doing odd things that needed done. Picked the last of the tomatoes, then cut down the plants. Vacuumed all the cat hair and thread bunnies in the sewing room. Pinned the layers for three wall hangings so I can start quilting them tomorrow. Sawed bed slats - new mattress for the spare bedroom will be delivered tomorrow - set up the bed and re-arranged the furniture in that room (again).

The spare bedroom contains an antique cherry wood bedroom set that I inherited from my Grandmother. It originally belonged to her mother. I also inherited a desk and chair. I don't know if the desk and chair were purchased together, I don't think so since they don't really match, but both are pretty old. Okay, sort of old, maybe from the 40's. For some reason my grandmother had upholstered this traditional wood chair, with a carved rose on the back, with this horrible grey vinyl. It was all stiff and cracked with age and has been on the chair for 15+ years. One of the things I decided to do today was re-upholster that chair.

Under the vinyl was this gold fabric. Very stained, may have been pretty when she first put it on.
Under the gold was a very faded tapestry fabric.

You can see the colors better from the back side.

I thought the tapestry was the original chair fabric. It was very nicely upholstered with copper upholstery tacks every 3/4 inch. But when I took it off I found this very thin drab brown fabric.

This was the original fabric for the chair. The underside of the seat is stamped with a number and the words "Brown Satin". I wish I knew more about the chair and the desk. The chair needs new padding, so I didn't finish it today. I'll post a picture when the chair is done.

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2 of 5 said...

So cool. History! You should find a way to preserve it.