Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tamed the wild beast

I fought the wild beast and won. The wild beast is the honeysuckle that grows on my side yard fence. When it starts reaching out and trying to pull me in I know it is time to get the clippers out.
Honeysuckle is like the python they took out of that guy's yard in Florida, you pull the vine out a bit to clip it and the next thing you know you have an 18 foot snake you are trying to trim off. It had invaded my tree and one of the shrubs, in those spots I really cut it back. Funny part is, they are not even my plants. My neighbor planted them all along his side of the fence. I don't really mind it, otherwise my side yard would just be fence, concrete and rock, boring....and its probably the only thing that is holding the fence up.

No sewing today, with all the pruning I can barely move my hand, I'm typing this with two fingers and spell check.

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